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What We Do

What we Do

Mental health wellness has become an incredible issue over the last decade. Whether young or old, poor or wealthy, a high flyer or ordinary worker. It doesn’t differentiate. A lot of society is suffering stress, anxiety, depression and we are amazed with our so called social media, an epidemic of LONELINESS is occurring. The problem we see in society these days is less and less employee engagement and increasing Mental Health issues, people to be more sick and in the end, organisations losing the return on their people which affects their bottom line. The Mental Health issues permeates also the community as a whole and not only the workplace. We believe if you are happy in the workplace, you will be happy in your home life. This is a double edged sword, as one needs to be happy in your homelife to be happy in your work life and that is why we will always endeavour to play our part in providing services to corporates as well as the community helping to improve family life.

Our Health and Wellness program is different to what is out there. There are all sorts of Health and Wellness programs out there but ours really focusses on a lot more of the Mindset because that is where the money is costing corporates these days. We start from the top down as in we start at the head and work down. If you don’t get the head right, don’t get the stress and all those sorts of things right everything else will fall apart. The stress, depression, absenteeism, presenteeism, mental health days is costing corporates more than somebody who is not quite healthy. Is someone with a cold or influenza costing corporates more than someone who has stress, depression, absenteeism, presenteeism and needing to take mental health days?.