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Our Packages

Whilst we tailor each package for each client, we essentially have 3 packages that have proven most popular. These packages are delivered at the client’s workplace. Our programs have changed with the times to look at the psychological, physiological, connection with mindset, hormonal responses which increases Adrenalin, dopamine, reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

Fun Sessions

The main ingredient is Fun sessions which consists of a series of routines we go through, that stimulate participants minds and body. Helps them break down the barriers and helps them enjoy their comfort zone and also stretches their comfort zone. Has them interacting with all the other participants. Helps with increasing their hormone levels. Also increases their breathing allowing them to relax. These sorts of things working the mindset, presenteeism, absenteeism, stress, increasing creativity, person confidence, improving communication. That will transfer into your people to be more productive, creative, innovative and have improved social interaction. One of the cool things we use, you are going to Laugh at this, but is Laughter. It's too frightening to think about, with results such as greater teamwork, less absenteeism, less stress, less sick leave by staff and the list goes on.