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About Hans

Hello! This is Hans Schwedler(Chief Fun Officer)

All through Hans's life, he enjoyed the sensation of laughter and growing up as a refugee in Australia, he embraced the Australian sense of humour. It has allowed him to enjoy life and be sensitive to peoples' life situations. He has always believed that he will leave the world a better place than he found it. LIFE SHOULD BE FUN. If you are not feeling well, whether physically, mentally or spiritually, it is hard to pick yourself up. If you are having fun and living without restrictions, it is easier to reach the holistic health you want. If this is not the case, it is hard to see through the gloom that you maybe in. Mental Illness has become an epidemic. LaughingLife has been based on his experience leading the Terrigal Laughter Club which is in its’ 12th year as well as continually supporting the Budgewoi and Long Jetty Laughter Clubs which he has been involved from the startup of these clubs. Also the experience Hans gained from providing the Fun sessions to aged care, retirement villages and corporates.. While involved with the Laughter Clubs a registered nurse suggested that the fun sessions are so badly needed in Aged Care, Retirement Villages and corporates. So this has become his purpose. Yes that’s the big thing, the world has changed over the last 5 to 10 years it’s not just about the physical health and wellbeing, it’s about mental health and all those previous programs haven’t kept up. Our program is different to the others as we start from the top down as in we start at the head and work down. If you don’t get the head right, don’t get the stress and all those sorts of things right everything else will fall apart.