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Glaring need for laughter in our society as it is full of negativity and stress.
Isn’t it about time we all had a lot of fun in life? We all need a daily hit up of natural “V energy drink”
for HOPE to allay all our fears, not the gloom and doom we are made aware of each day. Help to
clear the internal head noise, create relaxation.

It is interesting to see people stressed, anxious, depressed, overweight and struggling to get through
each day. They have lost the art of enjoying the moment. It doesn't  have to be that way, you need to
bring more fun into your lives to rediscover what you have, TIME, enough time to enjoy the priceless
prize called LIFE.

Do you belong to the group of people who need to have everything worked out and become
irritable, anxious, stressed, unbearable to live with, if you haven’t worked everything out? It can be
likened to a junkie looking for a fix, but the symptoms are not as bad.

Laughter helps remove the negative effects of stress. It has also been proved beyond a shadow of
doubt that laugher helps to boost the IMMUNE SYSTEM, which is the master key for maintaining
good health.

A day without laughter is a day wasted. Our life is very interesting. Everyone has a story and are on a
journey of life. Life should be FUN and ENJOYABLE, not always in a hurry to get the results required
through speed but in a timely manner which suits the individual.
Inhibitions, breaking them. We all have ceilings (real or perceived) in our personal, work, spiritual
and physical lives. Laughter helps you become the real you, it’s like the female Melbourne Cup
winning jockey Michelle Payne’s comment during her interview after the Melbourne Cup to the male
dominated sport “GET STUFFED”, this is who I am, the real me. I’ve broken the perceived ceiling cast
on me.

People have forgotten how to laugh. Children have a tendency to laugh a lot more a day than adults,
as they have few inhibitions, joyful and do not take life seriously as they have very few cares and
fears. If you asked adults how many times they laugh a day it would vary greatly and would be a
shock to some people realising they may not laugh at all.

Need to focus on the good things in life, like sun, fresh air, being joyful and gather like-minded
people around you. This helps one to practice ways and means of sensible living which helps people
become role models for many others in our community by the way they live their lives. They are
motivated to enjoy life. Laughter becomes unconditional as you don’t need a reason to laugh when
the situation occurs, it is not conditional on our material success and personal achievements.
Bring fun back into to your life to engage the timeless ingredient of Laughter, may include deep
breathing, relaxation, visualisation and meditation to help you enjoy the moment. Laughter helps
you get in touch with your inner child which can help you tap into a happy, peaceful time in your

past whether it be a funny moment, beautiful engagement with family, friends, nature or animals. It
allows you take TIME to smell the roses, listen to a bird singing or relax and do nothing to enjoy the
moment. Laughter and Rest aren't a LUXURY, they’re a NECESSITY.
Laughter is like a form of mindfulness, when you are immersed in laughter, you are free of any
distractions. If you feel you belong to this part of society, bring more fun into your life to help you
overcome life’s distractions, build resilience and hope by freeing you up from the moment which
could be anxiety, stress or depression. Fill yourself with something that is real and never changing. It
allows you to share the joy with all you come into contact with, just smiling can continue this shot in
the arm of joy you've received.

A balanced mental, spiritual and physical health, should be the goal of all individuals.

“There is a saying that we don’t stop playing because we are old, but we grow old because we stop